Gifts for aries man astrology

If you choose to send her flowers, ask your florist to make a creative, unique arrangement—Aries prizes individuality over something more common.

Video games and consoles

Ask for the owner Rene. He will whip up something extraordinary. Aries rules all flowers with thorns, so send a dozen classic American Beauty roses. Choose red, the color of verve and passion.

Gifts for Aries Men

Your Aries man is quite a warrior. Chances are he works out at the gym and engages in competitive sport—Aries men are very macho. Aries is a fire sign that rules sharp instruments and iron metals, surprise your Aries man with an outdoor barbecue grill. Or, buy him a dart game for his study or office. A handy gift for a whole variety of purposes, whether traveling or not, is a Swiss Army knife.

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Your Aries man likes to be active. Get him a puffer vest—perfect to wear on his rounds around the city, or if you can spend more, get him a beautiful black or brown leather bomber jacket. Did he just move to a new city?

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Order a helicopter ride of the city so he can see it from an amazing vantage point. Are you feeling VERY generous? He wants his own motorcycle!

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Aries also likes excitement, so surprise him with tickets for a weekend in Florida or California at your favorite amusement park. Aries is the dealmaker sign, so he may need a new briefcase in the finest leather you can find. Buy it in tan, and if the quality is truly top notch, the briefcase will get more handsome with age. He also enjoys competitive sports, so get him tickets to the Super Bowl or season tickets to his favorite baseball, basketball or football team. Speaking of games, secretly, your Aries man wants an X-box.

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Has he ever dropped hints? Gently probe, perhaps through one of his friends, to be sure and to know exactly what to get. Another idea: buy an old and valuable illustration of a famous battle scene and frame it for his study. If you think a book about war or a movie about battles is an odd choice for a holiday gift, remember your Aries lover is a warrior and sees himself as one.

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It will bring out his protective instincts of you. You did it! Tickets to a boxing match are also not a bad idea. In fact watching a boxing match once in a while will fill him with an adrenaline rush that you can channel to other areas. Get him a ticket to a theme park where they have hair raising rides.

The more scary and complicated the ride, the happier he will be. Also gift him a hot air balloon ride or a ride in the glider.

He would absolutely love it. It does not matter even if you live in the city.

1. An Aries man needs physical intimacy.

He would go on trips to the country just so he can ride his bike. He would also make sure he rides it or at least shows it off to other people.

follow Since the bike makes him look masculine and also helps him develop his legs and muscles, it would make for a wonderful gift.