Capricorn january 2020 horoscope indastro

Irrespective of whether you are handling your business or are working somewhere, you are going to get excellent and better results than ever before.

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Salaried people can expect to get a promotion, and if the promotion was long overdue, then chances to get the same in this year is a high certainty. If you have your business, and the same was stagnant, later this year could see a surge in the profitability. In case you had plans to expand your business, then this is the right time to do so. Any new business plans should be executed during this period. It is worthwhile noting that, Saturns Sade-Sati has started its operation in your chart, and it is in its first phase.

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In transit, Saturn is moving across over the 12th from your Moon-sign. This transit's effects are going to be unfavorable, and you are likely to face many obstacles and hindrances. So, in reality, the Jupiter transit's good effects may be diluted, and if your Natal Moon is afflicted or weak, then the results are likely to more adverse.

Due to adverse Saturn's transit, you may get an unfavorable transit where you may be entrusted with boring or monotonous work. Some of your closest friends could turn against you or may prove to be untrusty in the matters of money. They might not return the money they took from you an advance or loan.

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Even in business some of your debtors might not give back the money due to you. Of course, these adverse results are going to be largely dependant on the position of your Natal Chart, in case you have unfavorable placement of the planets in your natal horoscope. Rahu's adverse transit in 6th house is likely to give you troubles from enemies or your business competitors, and colleagues at workplace. In case you have some issues in your business, then the same could escalate into legal hassles if the same are not handled deftly by you.

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In business deals, try to be careful while signing any important documents or any agreements. If you are looking for having joint ventures abroad, then this year is promising for the same. Students who are trying hard to go abroad to study in their favorite subjects or to get a higher degree are likely to succeed this year.

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Saturn is placed in the 12th house in transit, hence giving good chances of enjoying holy trips in this year. Saturn's transit is also favorable for trips abroad, primarily if the same is concerned with the educational reasons.

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In this year you are also likely to travel with family and kids for vacation purpose. Good advice for you would be to maintain a healthy diet and appropriate exercises in this year. You should also give enough time for rest and unwinding and giving time to your family, and plan some get-togethers or mini vacations with them.

Taking a break from the routine and hectic life of yours, and planning and indulging into a hobby or any extracurricular activity will go a long way in getting rid of your mental stress. You may feel low on energy on an off in this year, primarily due to work stress. The health of your spouse, children, and parents are likely to be stable in this year, barring a few instances of a cough or cold.

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The realism, one of your best characteristics , and your innate common sense will help you avoid any future issues if you pay attention to details. Between April and July , you will have a lot of work to do, the deadlines will be very tight and they will have to deal with situations when you have to prove your leadership spirit, decision capacity, courage, cold blood, fast reactions and competitive skills.

Only after the first trimester of the year, your efforts and sustained work will start to show fruit.