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Please enable Javascript in your browser, and then return to the home page. Get Astrowow Sun Signs. Designed and written by astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan, our reports was designed to give you a fully immersive experience of astrology and of your own personal horoscope.

We believe that astrology should be presented in an easily accessible way. Approx 30 pages View Sample Buy Now. Approx 32 pages View Sample Buy Now. Approx 20 pages View Sample Buy Now. Horoscope Interpreter from World of Wisdom was written and designed by Adrian Duncan and was one of the View Details. One of the challenges in writing and designing an Astrology Calendar program is the fact that the days There is no astrology software on the market, which interprets compatibility charts for lovers as accurately Aries : Daily Horoscope.

Today Oct 9, See video. Go beyond sun signs and get your free personal horoscope astropage, Absolutely free! Click here to sign up. You decide to rent a video film. Which one? Love Story. An old Fred Astaire Film. Click here to answer another question. Expect to be invited to weddings and big events. And if you are single and looking for love turn on the charm and connect.

Chemistry will do the rest. Last weekend the planet of love Venus opposed the god of the underworld Pluto. Perhaps you felt like a hostage to love? Things change rapidly.

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The Sun moves into Leo where Mars already is and soon Venus will be there too. This is going to be a red hot summer especially when it comes to love and romance. A super optimistic period and brilliant for adventurous journeys. And if you are looking for love, well Mercury has just conjoined Mars in Leo - all that warlike talk and poor diplomacy. For those with communication issues the mission is to show understanding and empathy.

The lunar eclipse channels the energy of Venus and Saturn which puts a stark focus on love, responsibility and attachment. You just have to take the load because life can be a challenge. Mars in Leo square Uranus is a little crazy and definitely likes a walk on the wild side. Not diplomatic - witness the scene of Trump and the British ambassador. Mercury stops short of a square to Uranus and Mars moves up to conjoin it. That spells trouble so Mercury turns retrograde.

The trick now is to avoid provocative people and seek refuge in a safe place - the sign of Cancer. Mercury conjoins Mars simultaneously opposing Pluto.

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So today and tomorrow there is a kind of catharsis. After struggling through the mud in Taurus, Mars gets into a new heady space. The challenge is to get the facts straight. This is an excellent period for travel and education. There may be several options to choose from. Venus connects with Uranus to channel the magic and excitement. This is a wonderful time to get together with caring people who are motivated by love and compassion.

Its a Supermoon - The closest the Moon will come to Earth this century. At exactly at the spring equinox! With Venus in harmony with Jupiter this is a wonderful opportunity for social initiatives. A new monthly cycle begins as the moon enters Aries evoking dynamism and a need to get there first.

The moon will connect with first Venus then Jupiter heralding a fun, sociable and outgoing weekend. Mercury going forwards and backwards through Pisces activates Jupiter three times so small dreams become big dreams. If traveling by balloon remember your ballast. If dreaming remember the reality check.

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A great time for talk. And for more talk. Mercury has conjoined Neptune in Pisces, which is kind of chaotic, but now it moves into a harmonious aspect to a strong Saturn in Capricorn. This means it is time to be guided by an authority figure who wants realism rather than dreams. As Mercury will soon move retrograde, there are three opportunities to organize your way out of chaos, eliminate illusions, and refine a vision.

This is all about ecological and social awareness.

This is the first of three conjunctions between Mercury- the rational mind - and Neptune- the world of imagination. This retrograde cycle of Mercury ends in mid-April and we can expect the chaos of Brexit in mid-cycle. Venus in Capricorn shows a high level of ambition. The contact with Neptune softens this and brings a deeper element of compassion.

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This is a day to take on responsibilities both in love and regarding the environment. Mars comes into Taurus looking for a good time. It could get lazy but because it meets Saturn it you probably gets down to some hard work. And because Venus conjoins Saturn your better half ensures the discipline is there to attain goals.

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So prepare for a hardworking and constructive period. These days when the Moon moves into Gemini it activates the Jupiter-Neptune square. This could be great for poetry and the imagination but there can be so many distractions. Take a walk on the wild side. A strong moon in Taurus harmonizes with a powerful Saturn in Capricorn together with Venus. A perfect day for realizing ambitions, forging partnerships and making commitments. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Mercury has now entered Pisces and because it goes retrograde it will be there a long time- until mid-April. It is a time of big dreams and big illusions.

Bubbles pop, financially and otherwise.

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Dream if you like but stay grounded! The harmonious contact between Jupiter and the Sun is perfect for connecting with and learning from people of all nationalities. This is a socially enlightened moment for worldwide solidarity. When the moon is in Aquarius you have your very own gypsy caravan. Then you can go out and meet all sorts of wild and wonderful people on your travels. A great day for exciting adventures. Venus enters Capricorn and meets a lot of challenges.

It is all about building self-worth and you do this by shouldering responsibilities and making lasting commitments. Whilst others are unpredictable, you can be relied upon. Every 35 years Saturn and Neptune make an applying sextile. It is exact today but lasts a year. This is a time when environmental and altruistic responsibilities dominate. Listen to your conscience and engage with society.

Mercury overtakes the Sun three times a year. This conjunction in Aquarius is really harmonious and wonderful for social events, friendships and international or interstate travel. Mercury is like a scout checking out the territory ahead. A friendly and brainy person takes over. While the moon is in Scorpio it is going to activate the rare Saturn-Neptune sextile awakening a deep compassion for those struggling with a difficult fate.

Perhaps you feel a responsibility to help. Mars In Aries trine Jupiter in Sagittarius.